"When you don't know how to do something it becomes difficult and seemingly impossible. But when you know, it becomes easy."

"Marriage is like a game. When you are ignorant of the rules, you blunder along. But when you know the rules, you have maximum performance."
"If my I knew this ten years ago, my marriage would have been saved." This statement implies a need for knowledge. Know before you go. I mean, before you say "I Do."

After twenty three years of counseling and mentoring individuals and families, Lloyd Allen is passionate about helping to stem the tide of divorce and break the cycle of dysfunction in families.

He is committed to empowering singles and youth so they'll be equipped to make the right decisions and consequently enjoy a happy, vibrant and triumphant marriage. Lloyd speaks like a dying man to dying men in his quest to impact you with the time-tested secrets of a happy and purpose-driven life.

Sharing in his workshop is a life-changing experience. No longer will you enter marriage like a novice, or a simpleton, hoping it will work. Instead you will launch into this life-long journey of romance with a calm confidence that this relationship will become a success story. 

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