Lloyd Allen


A Live Weekly

Coaching Program

Addressing all your

marital concerns.

Helping your marriage

transition from a mediocre to a

triumphant relationship

The Exclusive Marriage Community


* A Live Online Seminar per week

I interact directly with my select

audience of serious couples. 

You'll be able to ask your marriage-related

questions and get answers in real time

Membership to my Private Face-book

Marriage Maintenance Group

Interact with, and Learn from other

like-minded people in the group.

"As Iron Sharpens Iron...."

* Ask your pressing marriage

& family-related questions anytime

within the group.

I will answer in the form of a video

and post it in the group

* Member-only Free Resources

and Digital products

to restore and build your family


(Cancel anytime)


Every Marriage Needs a Maintenance Program



* Repair & Strengthen your marriage

* Re-ignite the Passion

* Transform errand-talk into intimate conversation

* Affair-proof your marriage

* Translate the hurt and pain, bickering and animosity, frustration and anger into laughter, peace and triumphant living 

A Marriage should not just Survive but Thrive


* Flirt with your spouse again

* Improve emotional connectivity

* Change the conflictual, superficial existence into loving, passionate living

* Transition from a Mediocre to a Triumphant marriage

* Learn the secrets that change the Touch that repels to the Touch that stimulates 

The Marriage maintenance Program is

1. Your University

Men: If you don't understand her, you cannot live happily with her. We teach you all you need to know about women.

Ladies: Understand love from a man's world. We teach you all you need to know about the unique characteristics of men.

2. An online community of like-minded individuals with the shared purpose of enhancing their lives and learning the secrets to becoming masters of relationships. "Iron sharpens iron."

3. A weekly spout of life pouring into your spirit through inspirational and educational messages and mentorship.

4. Direct access to Lloyd Allen personally 

through a weekly live broadcast. Have your questions answered in our exciting Q&A sessions.

We'll make good memories together

You can Save & Strengthen your Marriage