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The Ultimate Marriage Courses

These courses comprise all the fundamental components of a triumphant marriage.

To those who are single, these courses are designed to properly prepare you for a successful marital relationship.

A Great Marriage Does Not Just Happen.  It Is Created

Knowledge Is Liberating. Select A Course to Begin

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    You must understand your partner's expectation, else....
    • Why unmet expectation is a leading cause of divorce
    • 25 Questions to ask to understand your partner's expectation
    • How to discuss the afore-mentioned questions

    Understanding Headship/ Submission
    • Understanding headship/ submission
    • The husband's role
    • The wife's role
    • Don't marry a narcissist. Why not?
    • Don't marry a domineering woman. Why not?

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        • IN-LAWS

          • FAMILY FINANCE

            • HIS NEEDS/ HER NEEDS

              • PREDICTORS OF DIVORC

                • TRIUMPHANT MARRIAGE

                  What the triumphant marriage looks like
                  • THE ART OF LISTENING

                    Every month
                    • APOLOGY/ FORGIVENESS