Are you really ready for marriage?

An institution that was designed to be "very good" has now become a trap to ensnare the hearts of the naive and ignorant.

Marriage has become a storm in the harbor of life, instead of a harbour in the storm of life. A prison in which people are embattled with pain unspeakable, the asylum of all sorts of physical and emotional woes.

People depart to work, school or play with tear-moistened eyes and troubled hearts. So ravaged and care-worn that their efficiency on the job is woefully compromised.

Is something wrong with marriage, or with the people that enter therein. I believe nothing is wrong with the people that gleefully, and with all the best intention uttered the sublime words of promise, "I DO".

Then, what's wrong? What is wrong is that, as with any other venture, engagement or endeavor, if you undertake to perform, without the knowledge of the trade, you are bound to fail. People, entering marriage with a blank mind, wholly ignorant of what constitutes a great marriage, is what's wrong with marriage.

So, start on the right footing. Get knowledge. Get married without proper premarital preparation, and I can assure you, there is a great likelihood that marriage will prove to be a drudgery, a shackle around your neck, a source of unfathomable heartache and pain.

I weep for the simple and naive. I mourn for the young woman filled with promise and a longing to enact her lifelong fantasy, but so flustered and emotionally duped that getting knowledge about marriage is a thought that is nothing but a passing whim of vapour.

My heart is distressed for the young man, who hopes for a better, brighter future with the bride of his dream, yet venture into marriage sadly unprepared, like an anxious passenger without prior knowledge of aviation, occupying the cockpit, and hoping to fly across the atlantic ocean without being harmed.

Today, I beseech you passionately. Save yourself. If you will not prepare yourself for marriage, don't plan the wedding. Don't live in assumption and wish. After 23 years counseling couples and individuals, I urgently implore you. Marriage is not for you, if you decide that preparation is not necessary.

Marriage is not for you if you don't seek to understand the distinctive needs of the opposite sex. Marriage should remain only a passing thought if you think you can consummate this holy estate according to the natural dictates of the sinful, unregenerate heart.

Marriage is not for you if:
1. you are not sensitive to other people's feelings
2. you have not gained the victory over a foul and reckless tongue
3. you do not have the mentality of a servant
4. you are still "shopping"
5. you don't understand that sex is not so much about serving yourself, as it is about serving the other person
6. you toy with the idea of physically and mentally abusing others
7. you are not the gentle, affectionate type, realizing that marriage is about celebrating, affirming and appreciating each other.

Marriage, my friend, is serious business.

Get knowledge or be bitterly bruised and battered.

Get knowledge and live triumphantly. Get knowledge and experience the joy and bliss of an experience that was designed to be a blessing and a benefit, a harbour in the storm, instead of a storm in the harbor of life.

Lloyd Allen.

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Lloyd Allen

Author, Speaker and Family Advocate.

A trained Family Therapist and Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

MS - Marriage, Family & Couples Therapy. Barry University (Honors)

MS - Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Barry University (Honors)

BA- Theology- Northern Caribbean University

       & University of Costa Rica (UNADECA)



Minister of Religion and Conference Lay Evangelism Regional Director (USA)


Lloyd has traveled extensively in and out of the USA speaking, counseling and conducting family seminars and evangelistic series


Author of a book on relationships: "A Close look at Love, Sex and Relationships"

Lloyd is happily married and has two sons.

After several years of marriage, my husband and I realized that our marriage was in trouble, so we asked God to provide a Godly councilor for us, and that he did. He provided Pr. Lloyd Allen, a man of wisdom and integrity. He gave us sound and biblical council. We can't express how happy and blessed we are.  Pr. Allen, thank your for restoring our marriage! "CAFG"

Hi Pastor, thank you sooo much for taking the time to counsel B & myself.. I have always admired the way you treasure Sis Allen. with so much love & respect..God has truly blessed you 
with a wonderful family. You are my role model & I thank God for you. 
We appreciate & love you guys so much and always will.  Have a 
Blessed day 


Things are going good!  Your counseling & prayers have brought us even
closer! We no longer " by the Grace of God' utter any negative words to each other 
Thank you 


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