Breaking-up is hard to do

Breaking up is hard to do, but hurt is not the enemy of health

I have been told that in the banks the tellers are not preoccupied with studying the counterfeit. Instead they study the genuine, and then the counterfeit are easily identifiable. Invest much time and energy securing an understanding of what a good relationship looks like, the red flags will be readily identifiable.

By spotting the counterfeit or the red flags you will be able to determine how much those red flags conflict with your core values and the extent to which they can impact marital compatibility.

If you discover that the relationship will not promote your emotional, physical and spiritual health and well being, then have the courage to call it quit. 

Only remember, however. Drop the bomb gently, recognizing that you are dealing with sensitive human emotions. It's better to give small cues so as to minimize the pain of the detachment. One thing is sure. It's better to break the engagement than be stuck in a failing, dysfunctional marriage.

Have a courageous day,

Lloyd Allen

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