What's your primary source of preparation for marriage?

What's your primary source of preparation for marriage?

Did you know the majority of people trust their preparation for marriage first and foremost on the education received from their family of origin?

People's perspectives on marriage are influenced primarily by their upbringing, their friends and the media. Others have revolutionized their training by committing to taking a course, attending seminars and workshops, engaging in relevant reading and research and church attendance.

Marriage is a venture that elicits from us a true expression of who we really are. Marriage essentially reveals the deep rooted characteristics that we have learned from events and activities in our past history. Marriage requires, not just the expression of mannerism, but the revelation of character.

So, preparation for marriage cannot be contingent on a 30-minute crash course, or a sermon by the marriage officer at the wedding. In cases where the lessons from our upbringing have been distorted, (and in most cases they are), then we need help.

The divorce rate of 50% first time marriages, 65% second time marriages and 75% third time marriages are evidence to the fact that without a course or program dedicated to teaching the fundamental components of marriage, we are only setting the foundation for a failed marriage.

You need a course or program that focuses, at least, on these ten key components, namely:



Conflict Resolution

Four Predictors of Divorce

Headship in the home


Dealing with In-laws

Family Finance

His needs/ Her Needs

7 Keys to Marital Success

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