There is a marriage that is forbidden in scripture. It is the union of a believer with a non-believer, a Christian with a non-Christian.

Marriage is the longest journey in life and for one to walk with another with whom they do not agree, in an area so fundamental as their relationship with God, can only result in bondage, misery and bitter regret. To move forward with a decision that defies the wisdom of godly counsel is consenting to a life of pain and heartache, and a holy wedlock can become an unholy deadlock.

Do not allow passion and emotion to lead the decision-making process when contemplating marriage. Think of the unwise compromise you make when you must go to the house of worship alone while your spouse is elsewhere. Your child wants to read a book that supports your religious beliefs, but your spouse objects and compels the child to read another book that supports a belief contrary to yours. Your child is caught in the crossfire and left floundering in confusion. The child may even grow up to want to have nothing to do with religion in any form- entirely indifferent to anything that bears the name of God.

Think of having family worship alone, or with a person who does not engage in corporate worship. He/she does not believe in praying aloud or does not believe in prayer at all. Life could become more miserable and bitter than you can imagine.

Secure and heed the advice of godly relatives, friends and professionals who have your present and eternal interest at heart and do not proceed with marriage while your godly enlightened conscience is screaming "foul."

Have a day filled with Godly wisdom,

Lloyd Allen

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