Help her with the house chores

With brother love, preferring one another

There is not one woman who does not appreciate some help with the chores at home. "She wants me to think and act like a woman". This is the mysterious yet frustrating thought that haunts many a man. "She wants me to tend to chores to with I am not inclined and with which I am not thrilled".

Oh when we become enthralled to a woman and she is called our wife, we immediately dispense with the sole desire of seeking our own pleasure. We are cognizant of the fact that we are joined. Her desires, her chores, her pleasure must immediate concern us. And not just to wrench a passing desire from our soul, but our intellect must be re-trained, that happiness in marriage means putting her will, desire and happiness above our own.

She will never be content or resist the feeling of injustice, if she does not feel that you understand her stress or feeling of exhaustion when she is sentenced to carry the burden of the house chores alone. This thought is even more worrisome to her if you both work outside the home or the work that concern you both are not equitably distributed.

It is understood that it is not the ruling principle of the mindset of the typical man to concern himself with house-stuff. He is thinking of the next venture to conquer so as to augment the family finance. He is career oriented and is absorbed continuously in his own money-generating venture.

And this spirit of industry was enshrined in his own soul when he emerged from the hand of his Creator. "He put him in the garden to tend it." Every man who plunders away with a desire to "care for his own household" is to be greatly commended.

But, even as you concern yourself with the family's physical sustenance, the call or unspoken desire for assistance with the house chores, by your wife, must not go unheeded. It is not always easy to understand a woman, and her desire to always experience your physical presence in the home.

In some cases, a woman finds satisfaction only in the thought that you understand the magnitude of her "to do" list. So brace your self, men.

You attempt to help her, and she says, it's OK. Don't take that as a gesture of dismissal. She wants you there, even if its just to stand by her side; to hold the other end of the linen as she makes the bed, or to transfer the dishes to the dishwasher.

Don't depart to your comfort zone too quickly. She craves, above all else, your meaningful companionship. Be there with her. Make your presence felt. Help her with the house chores. Her rating of you will be greatly enhanced.

Lloyd Allen

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