Ladies. For how long will you hold a grudge?

Ladies. For how long will you hold a grudge?

It is a popular saying in the realm of family therapy that women have good memories.

He was sharing a testimony at a church service. He utilized the opportunity to express his deep observation of his wife. He said, "My wife is historical . Somebody tapped him on the shoulder, "No, it's not historical It's hysterical. It's not. He insisted, "She is historical, because she goes all the way back.

She is undoubtedly a good historian. It has been consistently confirmed that a women are more inclined to be critical than men. This is partly due to her intricate emotional wiring. She gives attention to detail and she has the unique ability of seeing the full picture and sensing the complete scenario.

Holding a grudge, she recalls a past event and the negative emotions associated with it. Consequently, It subjects the body to stress over a prolonged period, which has negative health effects.

Ladies, for how long will you massage a wound and cherish a hurt? Wives, for how long will you cast a cloud of gloom over the home atmosphere, creating a tenseness that freezes the gentle, loving emotion that should characterize a healthy home?

I understand that the pain lingers. I imagine how therapeutic it feels to bathe your bruised soul in the liniment of your tears, and there's a place for that. But, do you rehash and rehearse the anger to the point where you are dominated with the thought of just getting even?

It is in times like this that intellect should prevail over emotion. And, if you profess to walk in the ways of Christ and possess a desire to exemplify religious principles in your life, it's more reason to show urgency in this matter. "With the mind I serve the law of God", is the biblical injunction.

So make a deliberate attempt today to flush the negative thoughts from your soul. And you must be relentless about this as every now and then, this sinister fox will raise it's ugly head to haunt your soul and embitter your spirit. You must "die daily".

Get on your knees or lie prostrate on your face, while pouring out your soul to the One who invites, "Cast all your cares upon me, for I care for you". The invisible, invincible power of God is able to work mightily in helping you to forgive yourself, forgive others and find restoration to a life of freedom and purpose again.

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