As a man who is married, I observe my wife keenly. I integrate this knowledge with my understanding of women in general. As a result I would like to share some tips with men, to assist in enhancing their relationship with women, and more specifically, their wives.

A passage of scripture that reverberates in my soul is 1 Peter 3:7. "Husbands, dwell with them in an understanding way". The idea here is that, if you are to live successfully with a woman you MUST understand her.

Some things to understand about women. This list is by no means exhaustive.

When she is upset, and ready to talk, you be ready to listen. And if you should interrupt her it must be with these words, "Tell me more".

When your wife is talking, don't take everything personal. She sometimes finds her answers, her satisfaction and her therapy just by talking. She sorts her thoughts by talking. She talks to feel connected to you. She talks to unburden herself. She talks for personal satisfaction and to massage her own emotion.

The men who emerge (being recognized as) the great husbands are those who listen, and are deliberate about listening. He listens patiently, even though his own thoughts are clamoring for expression. He listens, not to strike a word in his own defense, but to secure an understanding of her deepest needs.

Then, after being enlightened, sometimes by her passionate and stinging expressions, he moves right on to meet her needs. No rebuffs, no retort, no excuses. Sometimes he may even find himself apologizing, even though it may not be absolutely warranted. He is on a mission, not so much to win the fight, but to keep the peace. Herein lies the modus operandi of a wise husband.

That's it for now men. Go forth and enamor her with your excellent listening skills.

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