Some Do's and Dont's of Dating

Don't have sex at all until you are married.

Sex masks love and clouds your judgement, rendering you incapable of correctly assessing the fitness of a life partner. If you are a woman, it’s important to understand men. You lose when you have sex with him. A man is always looking forward to exploring the mystery ahead. The moment he has sex with you, the intrigue and fascination subsides. He thinks less of you.

Get an intelligent understanding of sex .

It must also be understood that sex with multiple partners before marriage increases your chances of divorce. It’s like a duck tape. It sticks to one object, then you remove it. It sticks to another, then another. After a while it fails to stick. This is not a frivolous illustration. This is real. This is how the brain is conditioned when sex is engaged in with multiple partners. Sex does rewire the brain. I deal with this subject in the book.

Abstain from sex and all that leads to sex. Don't visit places or engage in activities where you'll be tempted. The saying is still true. If you would not eat forbidden fruit, don't go under forbidden tree.

Focus more on communicating, than on anything else. It is statistically confirmed that those who communicate more before marriage have better marriagesIn communicating,

be a good listener. You learn more about a person by listening than by talking. Ask questions discreetly and listen patiently

Look for signs of abusive behavior.

5. I write a lot in my premarital courses about how to spot an abuser on your first date. Does he speak I'll of people habitually? If so, only a matter of time before he'll be speaking I'll of you. Does he/she exhibit verbal or physically abusive tendencies? One of the things I say to people: “Don't raise your voice. Improve your argument”. There's a lot more I could say, but I have written a book for singles: A close look at love, sex and relationships.

6. Observe how they handle money. Are they thrifty or a spendthrift. Are they stingy or generous? Don't treat this matter lightly. You will have to deal with it later.

7. Observe how they treat their parents. How the man treats his mother is usually a direct indication of how he will treat you. If the woman is disrespectful and saucy to her dad, expect the same treatment from her. If she treats the most significant man in her life like that, then when you become the most significant men, it’s automatic that that treatment will be transferred to you. I have much more to say but time will not allow me here. For more information, check here

8. “Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half shut afterwards”, quoted Benjamin Franklin. He further states that premarital counseling can help resolve a lot of issues. The marriage counselor has seen many of the problems and recognizes many of the cues that an in-love couple doesn't. Using the guidance of a counselor may help to draw some issues out and find a practical strategy of how to deal with it. More by Benjamin Franklin here[1]9. More information[2]



[1] Benjamin Franklin Was a Wise Fellow

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