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Singles and Youth. You are not a lamb to the slaughter. Be the exception, and secure proper premarital preparation before you marry

I like airplanes but I cannot fly them. Why? I don't possess aviation training. Just because you like something does not mean you can operate it. The same is true of marriage. Just because you like another person, and you are intrigued with the idea of marriage does not mean that you have the knowledge to do marriage. You need knowledge.

Did you know that the #1 cause of divorce is incredible ignorance?

Did you know that when people receive pre-marriage training, the divorce rate is reduced by 33%?

Did you know that whenever you are under pressure, you naturally revert to your training? But what if you never had training? You just function by trial and error, and hence blunder along.

Why is marriage so difficult for the overwhelming majority of people? When you don't know how to do something, it is difficult. But when you know how to do something, you perform effectively. You excel. You have maximum performance. To be able to do marriage well, you must possess knowledge.

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