The Folly Of Marrying without Proper Premarital Preparation

Updated: May 21, 2020

Let's hook up and see where it takes us.

The folly of marrying without preparation "Let's hook up and see where it takes us". This is how the average person approach marriage. The number one cause of divorce is incredible ignorance. Many people are trying to do marriage based on trial and error. What do you do when you lack knowledge? You blunder along. You make grave mistakes, and plunge your life and the lives of your spouse and children in abject misery and pain.

After 24 years helping couples and families, I have found no greater folly, no deeper deception and no bigger lie, than to marry without knowledge and then hope to attain success in marriage. The pilot, the physician, the nurse and auto mechanic know better. You cannot attempt to have success flying an aircraft or performing a surgical operation without prior knowledge. Else there will be sure mayhem and utter disaster. Yet people enter marriage and hope to achieve marital success without prior knowledge or preparation. It is inconceivable that we have been so incredibly duped by such a monstrous lie, and it is perpetuated in relationships every day.

How the devil celebrate, watching innocent women and men being led like sheep to the slaughter every moment. My heart cries within me.

He treats me well, so I will marry him. He lives in close proximity to my home and he gives me a lift to church each week. He is so kindhearted. Where could I find a gentler soul? She carries herself with such dignified gait. She dresses in ways that would make angels blush. She is the daughter of my best friend so she's got to be good for my son. Let's start planning the wedding.

What simplistic reasoning. How shamelessly narrow-minded. Approaching the most important decision of one's life, and making a life-long commitment with such levity and ignorance.

You know nothing regarding how they resolve conflicts. How their parents resolved conflicts and how their lives have been impacted. What destructive communication patterns they will be bringing to a new relationship. You don't know the early signs of a narcissistic man and a domineering, cantankerous woman.

How you say "I do" to a life of physical and mental abuse, like a sheep being led blindfolded to the slaughter. How you grin with naivety while the sword is hidden waiting to be leveled at your neck. The thought brings extreme sadness to my soul.

Awake from your slumber you promising little angel. Open the eyes of your senses you man of destiny. You are destined for greatness, but a bad relationship, yea a toxic marriage could stall your passion and strangle your progress. Get knowledge I beseech you. Get knowledge, I warn you. Get knowledge so those you lead and those within the sphere of your influence will not perish, but live and live abundantly.

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