The Secret to a Successful Marriage

A solution-oriented approach to therapy.

I have been conducting counseling to individuals, couples and families for 23 years, in different parts of the world. This is what I do best.

I have been married for twelve plus years (This year being 13 years). For the past 12 years, I can describe my marriage as a perpetual dating experience. As far as stress in marriage is concerned I think I can conscientiously say, I have zero.

Of course there is no perfect marriage. We have disagreements and misunderstandings like other couples, but the difference is how we deal with our issues. I look on my wife today and she is just as exhilarating as when were were dating. We still throw kisses at each other, and call each other the first thing after work. Our relationship could not be better. Thanks to God for that.

Now, whats the formula? It is very simple. Too simple for many to fathom or conceive.

Before I got married, I was already a minister for many years, and, along with my other duties, I was conducting regular family seminars in my 9 churches. So when I got married, already in my thirties, I knew somewhat of what constitutes a happy and triumphant marriage.

I had discovered that the most effective habit or practice to destroy marriages is the unbridled tongue. Hence, the same day we got married, my wife and I made a commitment to each other. We agreed that as long as we live, we will never, under no circumstance, ever utter a negative word to each other, not even in the form of a joke. Admittedly we did not hit the target 100 percent of the time all the time, but we tried. The good news? After a while it became second nature.

Just this simple but fundamental principle has allowed us to have a marriage where every day we are sweeter and happier than the day before. We are amazingly happy with each other. This principle I teach to all my clients also. I tell them that any single person, or married couple I have the privilege to counsel should emerge exceptionally happy couples. This is to say that it is possible for every one.

I could say more in this article, but time will not allow me. Just this past weekend, I conducted a presentation at a church. I divided the presentation into 3 videos. I hope you find them helpful. Here they are:

Video #1: How a man should care for his wife.

Video #2: How should a woman honor her husband?

Video # 3: What a man needs before seeking a wife

If you would like to learn more

I hope this helps.

Thank you

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