The Ultimate Marriage Preparation Course

My New Marriage Preparation Course is here. For Singles and Youth, thinking about marriage or seriously contemplating marriage, this is your opportunity. Learn more at:

When you enter marriage, you cannot afford to be "half-baked" or ill-prepared. If you fail to have proper premarital preparation you are laying the foundation for a miserable, fractured and failed marriage. Make the commitment today that you will not become the next divorce statistic.

Who need this program:

Pastors, Teachers, Coaches and Youth leaders. Pastors, teachers and coaches are not necessarily family counselors, yet they must relate continuously to singles and youth who are in desperate need of advice and direction regarding relationship-related issues.

Parents: Who give this woman to be married to this man? This question is usually asked of parents when their kids are wedded. Parents have a divine duty to prepare their children for marriage. In other words, children usually take into marriage what they learned primarily from their family of origin. Parents, when the children have questions relating to relationships. you are endowed with the kingly task of directing them aright and hence, shaping their destiny. If you fail to teach them, the devil will educate them

Nine (9) weeks of power-packed, information filled experience as I passionately explore the 9 modules of the course. I'll discuss the 9 fundamental components of a stunningly successful marriage. Fail to become knowledgeable of these key tenets of marriage, and you will enter marriage a novice and a simpleton; who is just blundering along.

Conversely, possessing knowledge, you will have a winning edge in a game that is difficult to understand. You will have maximum performance and marriage, for you, will emerge a success story.

  1. These comprise the 9 modules of the course: Expectation Sex Conflict Resolution Four Predictors of Divorce Headship in the home Communication Dealing with In-laws Family Finance His needs/ Her Needs BONUS: 7 Keys to Marital Success.

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