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Unhappy, Midiocre, Miserable, Shattered by Infidelity? 

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How do you deal with the grievous wrongs

which so often embitter married life?

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About Lloyd Allen: 

Author, Speaker and Family Advocate.

A trained Family Therapist and Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

MS - Marriage, Family & Couples Therapy. Barry University

MS - Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Barry University

(Dual Specialization)

BA- Theology- Northern Caribbean University

       & University of Costa Rica (UNADECA)



Minister of Religion in Jamaica, Turks and Caicos Islands and

Conference Lay Evangelism Regional Director (USA)


Traveled extensively in and out of the USA speaking, counseling and conducting family seminars and evangelistic series


Author of a book on relationships: "A Close look at Love, Sex and Relationships"

Lloyd is happily married to Rae, a former missionary to South Korea.

They have two sons' Lloyd Jr. and Daniel



After several years of marriage, my husband and I realized that our marriage was in trouble, so we asked God to provide a Godly councilor for us, and that he did. He provided Pr. Lloyd Allen, a man of wisdom and integrity. He gave us sound and biblical council. We can't express how happy and blessed we are.  Pr. Allen, thank your for restoring our marriage! "CAFG"

Hi Pastor, thank you sooo much for taking the time to counsel B & myself.. I have always admired the way you treasure Sis Allen. with so much love & respect..God has truly blessed you 
with a wonderful family. You are my role model & I thank God for you. 
We appreciate & love you guys so much and always will.  Have a 
Blessed day 


Things are going good!  Your counseling & prayers have brought us even
closer! We no longer " by the Grace of God' utter any negative words to each other 
Thank you 


Pastor Allen, Pastor Allen, Pastor Allen, Thanks sooo much for the book. I decided at midday today to begin reading it and was so riveted to the inspiration and wisdom that I couldn't stop until I had read all of the 63 pages. Your mastery in relating scenarios made the book so very relevant, and I'm certain that it will be a blessing and a success. I plan to gift some copies for the holidays and I must get one for myself because I like to read and underline. I made two pages of notes and anecdotes in my notebook today to ensure that the atrophied brain cells absorb the nutrition and start to work again!

Thanks again and I pray for continued abundance of blessings on you and family🏾

"Elder B."

You thought knowledge was expensive? Check ignorance

When you don't know how to do something, it becomes difficult. But when you know how to do something, it becomes easy.

Be equipped with knowledge:

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A Marriage - Knowledge = Failure

A Marriage + Knowledge = Success

Welcome to my Exclusive Marriage & Family University where we discuss all relationship-related issues boldly and candidly

What we offer:

All you need to

know about

infidelity recovery

Tips to Re-ignite

the passion &

Restore Intimacy in your marriage

Tips on how to deal with the myriad issues that wound a marriage

Your Ultimate

Premarital coaching portal

Coaching to build proper parenting skills

Tips to rescue

and strengthen

your marriage




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Other services offered by

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3- Day Intensive.

Designed for recovery

from infidelity or other critical marital issues

(24 hrs)

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(8 hrs)

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  • Not just information, but transformation

  • The road maps to better relationships

  • The journey to a better "YOU"

  • The knowledge needed to save a failing marriage 

  • The tool-kit to resolve marriage-threatening conflicts

Traditional counseling

cost up to $300/session

OR $1200/ month (4 sessions)

Get more for less when you become a member of

The Exclusive Inner Circle Coaching and Mentoring Academy

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Don't just have a marriage. Live triumphantly

Partner with us today and experience the transformation

What You Get:

1. Membership in the exclusive Inner Circle

Marriage & Family Academy

2. Ask & Receive answer to your relationship related questions- Answers given in the form of live or recorded video or audio

3. One live session with Lloyd Allen per week -

Q&A session and Relationship-related presentation as needed

4. Full & Unrestricted access to all my Marriage & Family enrichment and Singles empowerment resources



An occasional teleconference with Lloyd Allen esp. in emergency type situations

Soon you will become a master of relationships,

equipped with the following:

  • Know what a good relationship look like

  • How to affair-proof your marriage

  • If I were to conduct a seminar for you, what would it be about? Tell us when you sign us to become a member of the THE FAMILY

  • Know how to use effective communication  with your partner

  • Know how to talk so he/she can listen

  • Know how to listen so he/ she can talk

  • Understand the art of conflict resolution

  • His/ Her Needs

  • How to preserve TRUST

  • Whether you both possess what it takes to have a vibrant, triumphant marriage

  • Understand how to deal with in-laws

  • How to re-ignite the passion in your marriage

  • How to restore intimacy in the relationship

  • My "Happily Ever After" secret

Live it with KNOWLEDGE
Live it with CONFIDENCE


After twenty three years of counseling and mentoring individuals and families, Lloyd Allen is passionate about helping to stem the tide of divorce and break the cycle of dysfunction in families.

He is committed to empowering couples so they'll be equipped to enjoy a happy, vibrant and triumphant marriage.
Lloyd speaks like a dying man to dying men in his quest to impact you with the time-tested secrets that he implements in his own marriage, so that after 12 years of marriage, he and his wife are enjoying a perpetual dating experience

Sharing in his workshop is a life-changing experience. No longer will you navigate marriage like a novice, or a simpleton, hoping it will work. Instead you will launch into this life-long journey of romance with a calm confidence that this relationship will become a success story. 

Don't be a novice, but an expert on relationship matters
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The Marriage Mentoring Community

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& Helping singles navigate the path to success  

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-Love you'all,

  Lloyd & Rae